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12 Sep






Watch The Expendables 2 Online Of course, Lafayette makes excellent time back to Bon Temps. He’s headed inside his house when Arlene and Holly show up and ask him to use his medium powers to convince Terry that the Iraqi woman who cursed him has forgiven him, even if Lafayette is just pretending to commune with the dead woman. He will — for $300.



Arlene gets Terry and Patrick back to the Bellefleur mansion by claiming there’s a fire. Watch The Expendables 2 Online When they arrive, she and Holly explain that Lafayette might be able to break the curse.  Lafayette, in full Whoopi Goldberg-in-“Ghost” mode, pretends to speak to the Iraqi woman, telling her that Terry and Patrick are good men and sorry about what they’ve done. Then Lafayette realizes that the woman is there for real. And she’s pissed. “The spirit is saying she’ll lift the curse if …” Lafayette turns around, and sees Zaafira in her blood-spattered robe. Zaafira possesses Lafayette long enough to say something in Arabic, then Lafayette spits her out again. He tells Terry that he’s got to kill Patrick, or Patrick has to kill him.  Watch The Expendables 2 Online  Patrick takes this as his cue to leave — fast.


Meanwhile, Tracy, the bitchy blond shopkeeper who got on Jessica’s bad side a few episodes back, turns up at Fangtasia and starts needling Tara, who’s on bartender duty. “I am so relieved to see you holding Watch The Expendables 2 Online down a steady job,” she tells Tara, and when Tara gives her the strawberry daiquiri she ordered, Tracy then insists that she really ordered a vodka tonic. “If you’re too lazy to fix your own mistake …” Tara starts to snap: “I’m gonna rip open your heart and fry it up with some grits and collard greens.” But Pam intervenes smoothy, giving Tracy the drink on the house, and giving Tara a stern warning.


Watch The Expendables 2 Online Later, Pam brings Tara down into the dungeon, ostensibly to give her a talking-to about her attitude. But really she has a gift: Tracy, chained up. “I thought you were mad,” Tara says. “My made face and my happy face are the same,” Pam deadpans. She then glamors Tracy into being Tara’s willing “unpaid food whore.” Tara digs in.


“In The Beginning”, the most symbolically and spiritually heavy episode of Doctor Who traces the origins of Lilith’s rise and Russell’s return to the spotlight (just the way we like it). Sookie comes to more revelations about being a  Fae and countless other Bon Temps residents make discoveries of their Watch The Expendables 2 Online own.


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